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Anthesis. Anthesis is the most sensitive stage of rice to high temperatures (Yoshida et al., 1981) and the heat-sensitive processes of anthesis are anther dehiscence, pollination, pollen germination, and to a lesser extent pollen tube growth, which is completed within 45min of the opening of a rice spikelet (Ekanayake et al.,
Growth phases for which meteorological indices were calculated in this analysis Planting to Jointing Jointing to Heading Start of Anthesis to Milk Planting to Heading Heading to Start of Anthesis Start of Anthesis to Sofl Dough Planting to Start of Heading to 50% Anthesis 50% Anthesis to Milk Anthesis Planting to 50%
requirements may be more than 30 PVDs, change in Vnd from 30 to 50 PVDs results only one or two days difference on the anthesis date. Modifying the sensitivity factor (<y) in the model has a much bigger influence on the development stages than modifying the value of Vnd in this region. Influence of post-anthesis
Abstract - Maize, the most important stable crop in Kenya is affected by drought stress mostly at flowering stages causing delay in silk emergence. The Anthesis to Silking Interval (ASI) is highly correlated to grain yields under drought stress as shown by experiments conducted at CIMMYT, Mexico. This study aimed at
Full-text (PDF) | The capacity to predict time to silking relative to anthesis in maize (Zea mays L.) has important implications for breeding and seed production. We developed a theoretical quantitative framework for simulating the anthesis to silking interval (ASI) based on plant growth and bioma...
Table 1 Phenotypic characteristics (means) of maize landraces in Kenya Phenotypic characteristic Genotype Plant height (m) Days to tasselling Days to silking Anthesis-to-silking interval Yield (t/ha) Shelling percent Ears per plant Control (KCB)∗ 1.54 (0.21)∗∗ 43 (4.51) 53.67 (4.9) 10.67 (2.65) 1.99 (0.68) 75.56 (6.4) 0.69

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